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Post by: Eric Jones | Posted Date: October 30th, 2015 | Categories: Contracts

We see contracts every day.  Whether it’s reading the apple terms and conditions when signing into your music account, purchasing real estate, or signing an employment contract.  The legalese and contract terms may seem overwhelming and lead to misunderstandings and misgivings everyday.  Instead off depending on the internet and a search engine to help with your understanding of a new contract, contact an attorney to help explain the terms of a new or existing contract.  With proper legal guidance, you will be well aware of all the terms and conditions in the contracts you sign. 

Any purchase or attempted purchase of real estate, there are variety of contracts to review and sign.  A real estate contract attorney can be a valuable and very useful when trying to understand the responsibilities and financial obligations in the buying and selling of property.  Instead off worrying if you are protected when closing on a house or other property, contact a team of real estate contract lawyers who can review your contract and help advocate for your rights under the contract. 

If you find that a prior real estate deal was not properly executed, a real estate contract attorney can help.  Not only will the contract attorney be able to review the contract and outline each party’s responsibilities under the prior contract, but they can also assist with next steps.  This applies to both residential real estate and property management.  If you have a property you lease or rent and need to develop a lease contract with your tenants, consult an attorney before you present the lease agreement to the tenant.  When you work with a real estate contract attorney, the professional can either review your current contracts or draft new contracts that are in compliance with the law. 

Additionally, you could find yourself faced with any number of business contracts including a partnership agreement or a joint venture agreement.  To best protect your business interests, an attorney should review each contract received or created for clarity.  A vaguely written contract could allow a court to view it in the light that may not benefit you.  An experienced business law attorney can review the contract and help provide efficient language that will best adhere to your position.  From franchise agreements to construction contracts, it is always best to have an experienced professional review your contracts. 

Employment contracts are an important part of business, and attorney-reviewed employment contracts help to protect your business interests. Review protects you from unintentionally including terms or conditions of employment that will not hold up in court, and allows employers to spell out all necessary terms and conditions.  Many times employees, or even temporary workers are asked to sign non-disclosure agreements.  Non-disclosure agreements help to protect your business by setting specific terms should the signing employee disclose any proprietary information or other intellectual property.  When used correctly non-disclosure agreements are quite effective.  Many companies create in-house non-disclosure agreements that are not attorney reviewed and find the agreements are not enforceable in court.  Make sure to contact an experienced employment law attorney to help review your non-disclosure agreements for effectiveness.

The Jones Law Group offers comprehensive contract review and has a dedicated team of attorneys ready to help you with your contract needs.  The real estate contract attorneys work closely with clients in Columbus and the state of Ohio to help protect the interests of our clients.  Discuss your contract needs with a team of skilled business contract attorneys to draft efficient employment contracts and other required business documents.  To schedule a consultation with one of our contract attorneys, call The Jones Law Group at 614-545-9998 or contact us online. 

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