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When it comes to debt collection, the rule is simple: if you do nothing, you get nothing. Jones Law Group in Columbus, Ohio provides high-quality, professional legal services focused on debt collection and related legal issues. We are the preferred attorney-managed debt recovery solution for a significant number of businesses and organizations in Ohio. Our firm represents business owners, entrepreneurs, debt buyers, and other clients who need to recover money owed to them through the legal process. 


Dependable Debt Recovery Attorneys in Ohio

When you use the legal process to collect debt, it’s critical to work with an experienced firm that can help you achieve results in a timely and cost-effective manner. At Jones Law Group, we develop a comprehensive strategy to reach your objectives and protect your rights and interests. Our attorneys are dedicated to remaining accountable and attentive throughout the debt collection process. We handle the following types of debt collection cases: 

 At Jones Law Group, we provide debt collection services not only in the city of Columbus but also throughout the state. We begin the process by providing you with an honest evaluation of your claim and giving you reasonable expectations regarding the outcome. Our attorneys only receive a small percentage of the debt collected. 


Swift, Professional Debt Collection Services

At Jones Law Group, our goal is to serve you in a prompt, aggressive, and professional manner. We have a reputation for taking a vigorous approach to collecting unpaid debts while complying with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and Ohio debt collection laws. We collect all types of debt and strive to maximize the return for our clients by working towards a favorable outcome with minimal time and expense. Our attorneys are prepared to take all of the legal steps available to enforce the debts our clients are owed. We tailor our collection programs to our clients’ business needs. 

If you need a reliable, qualified collections attorney in Ohio, contact Jones Law Group today. We’ll put our knowledge and experience to work for you. Call (614) 545-9998 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation with our team. 


Steps of the Debt Collection Process

These are general steps of the debt collection process. Each claim is unique and may not follow this pattern. 

The client sends us information on the debt.

The client sends us information on the debt, including supporting documentation. We evaluate the claim and then enter the data into our system. 

We send a demand letter to the debtor.

We send a demand letter to the debtor via fax, mail, or email and an acknowledgement letter to the client. 

We call the debtor to arrange payment.

We get in touch with the debtor via telephone in an attempt to obtain payment and resolve any disputes. If the debtor commits to payment, we work to ensure that the payment materializes. 

We file a complaint with the court.

If the debtor refuses to pay, we file a complaint with the court and serve a copy of the complaint along with a summons. The complaint will explain why the debtor is being sued and what the client wants. 

The debtor prepares a formal written response to the lawsuit & File for a Writ of Attachment. 

The debtor will be required to file a written response to the lawsuit by a specific deadline. After the response is filed, the discovery process begins and a trial date is set. If a response isn’t filed, we file for default judgment. 

If a judgment is awarded in the client’s favor, we file for a Writ of Attachment and satisfy the judgment. 


JLG Attorney Robert Flaugher to Speak on Collection Law 3/15/16

Jones Law Group Attorney Robert Flaugher will be a featured speaker at the National Business Institute CLE seminar “Collection Law From Start To Finish” at the Courtyard Marriott, Cincinnati, Ohio on March 15, 2016.  For more information, visit:

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