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What to Do If You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse

America’s population is aging, and as they do, commercial and private healthcare for the elderly is becoming an increasingly important, and growing, sector of the job market in Ohio and in other states.  As with all growing sectors of the job market, law has not kept up.  Unfortunately, unscrupulous or even just lazy individuals will […]

How Does Social Security Differ from Workers’ Compensation? Can I Apply for Both?

Social Security Disability Insurance is different from Workers’ Compensation – due to this, you can apply for both.  Unfortunately, there is a limit on the total combined amount you can receive, which is 80% of what is considered your “pre-injury” income.  So if you were making ten dollars an hour, you could only receive up […]

JLG Attorney Rob Flaugher to Speak at FDCPA CLE 3/11/15

Jones Law Group Attorney Rob Flaugher will be a featured speaker at the National Business Institute (NBI) legal CLE seminar “Defending Against FDCPA Claims” at the Holiday Inn Eastgate in Cincinnati, Ohio on March 11, 2015. 


Social Security Changes Rule Reducing Past Relevant Work (PRW) Time Period

June 22, 2024, is the new effective date for when SSA will consider only 5 years of PRW (instead of 15 years) when making disability determinations.  The Jones Law Group, LLC applauds the SSA for making this important change to the PRW time period as it should result in more cases getting approved in a […]


Do I need an attorney to represent me at my Social Security disability hearing?

At your Social Security Disability hearing, you can expect several key components as part of the proceedings. Here’s what typically happens during a Social Security Disability hearing: Notification and Preparation: Before the hearing, you will receive a notice informing you of the date, time, and location of the hearing. It’s essential to review this notice […]


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