State Employee Disability (STRS, OPERS, PERS, OP&F)

Public employees in Ohio are eligible for disability benefits through public employee retirement systems, including the State Teachers Retirement System (STRS), the Ohio Public Employee Retirement System (OPERS), the School Employees Retirement System (SERS), andOhio Police & Fire (OP&F). These programs are separate from Social Security disability and provide benefits to teachers, non-teaching employees of educational institutions, police & firefighters, and employees of governmental offices. If you have any questions about obtaining disability benefits through these programs, Jones Law Group can assist you.

Becoming disabled is a devastating experience that can damage your financial standing and take a toll on your personal and professional life. At Jones Law Group, we know that accidents happen and that the injuries they cause can burden you with medical bills and leave you unable to work. If you are a public employee in Ohio and a mental or physical disability is preventing you from working, you may qualify for disability benefits through an Ohio public employee pension system.


Disability benefits cover your medical bills and other expenses while you’re disabled. However, these benefits aren’t automatic – employees must apply and be approved for them. Generally speaking, an application for disability benefits must be filed within two years of the date your contributing service ends. Furthermore, an employee must have a minimum of five years of service credit in order to qualify for benefits.


Disability Benefits Application Process for Ohio Public Employees

In order to be considered eligible for disability benefits, an applicant’s disability must be expected to last for a continuous period of at least 12 months. Typically, state board-appointed physicians perform medical examinations to determine whether disability applicants have mental and physical limitations that prevent them from performing their job duties.

If you’re applying for disability benefits through a public employee retirement system in Ohio, it is advisable to consult with an attorney who has a thorough understanding of these systems and the legal issues surrounding the application and appeals process. Applicants shouldn’t assume that the state board has received all of the medical evidence needed to make a decision in their favor. An attorney who is knowledgeable about Ohio public employee disability benefits can help you obtain convincing medical evidence, fill out the necessary paperwork, and ensure that the application or appeals process runs smoothly.


Obtain Experienced Legal Counsel

Based in Columbus, Ohio and serving clients throughout the state, Jones Law Group has represented members of Ohio’s public employee retirement systems for many years. Our attorneys are extremely knowledgeable about each program and understand how the complex application process works. Whether they’re disputing a calculation of service credit or gathering medical evidence on your behalf, our attorneys can assist you in obtaining the benefits to which you are entitled.

Need help navigating public employee retirement systems in Ohio? The seasoned attorneys at Jones Law Group can explain the laws impacting your situation. Our firm is proud to represent public employees who are seeking disability benefits. Call (614) 545-9998 or contact us online to discuss the specifics of your case.



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