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Contracts are fundamental business tools that must be written precisely in order to address potential risks. The business attorneys at Jones Law Group handle all types of contract matters, from the initial drafting of contracts to contract disputes. Our lawyers assist with the following types of contracts:

    • Real Estate Contracts : A real estate contract attorney can be of valuable assistance if you’re buying or selling property. Jones Law Group provides a full range of services related to the ownership, management, leasing, and operation of residential and commercial real estate.
    • Business Sale and Merger Agreements : Retaining an experienced business sales and mergers attorney in Columbus greatly reduces your financial risk when you acquire another business, sell a business, or merge with another business. Jones Law Group has a history of successfully representing clients in complex, high-value business transactions.
    • Construction Contracts : Construction projects often involve a significant amount of money, so it’s crucial to operate under a construction contract. Jones Law Group can draft, review, or negotiate construction contracts to ensure that your interests are protected.
    • Partnership Agreements : Are you planning to launch a new business partnership? A partnership agreement between you and your business partner or partners defines how your partnership will be conducted and serves as a foundation for running your new business.
    • Franchise Agreements : Are you about to embark on the journey of buying a franchise? Franchise agreements aren’t easy to read because they are mostly written in legalese. That’s why it’s important to hire a franchise attorney to look over your franchise agreement.
    • Joint Venture Agreements : Joint venture agreements play a vital role in the formation and implementation of joint ventures. At Jones Law Group, we advise clients on a wide range of joint venture projects.
    • Non-Disclosure Agreements : A non-disclosure agreement helps you protect your business’s intellectual property and ensures that it doesn’t get into the wrong hands. Use a non-disclosure agreement if you want to be sure that the proprietary information you’re sharing with someone doesn’t become public.  

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At Jones Law Group, we offer comprehensive legal services to protect our clients’ interests. Our skilled business attorneys represent clients in connection with a sophisticated array of business agreements. We work with clients in Columbus and throughout the State of Ohio. Our depth and breadth of expertise enables us to draft business contracts that are both concise and effective, no matter the size of your business. To schedule a consultation with one of the contract attorneys at Jones Law Group, please give us a call at (614) 545-9998 or contact us online.


Steps to Take Before Signing a Business Contract

You should never sign a contract without understanding and negotiating key terms. Be sure to follow these steps before signing a business contract.

Read the fine print

This might sound obvious, but many people fail to read business contracts properly before signing them.

Take your time

Don’t rush into signing a business contract. Many people end up getting pressured into agreements they wouldn’t have made if they had more time to think through the details.

Hire an attorney

If you’re entering into an important contract, it’s worth having a lawyer review it and advise you on it.


Are there a few points in the contract that you’re uncomfortable with? If so, ask for them to be changed because there’s a good chance that the other party will be willing to negotiate.



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