How to Handle the Healthcare Collection Process

Post by: Eric Jones | Posted Date: August 29th, 2016 | Categories: Health Care & Businesses

Healthcare collections must be handled discretely, respectfully, ethically, and in full compliance with state and federal consumer protection laws like the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act. Patients’ rights must be respected, and their financial circumstances must be accommodated. But the simple reality is that when too many healthcare debts go unpaid, healthcare providers and institutions risk having to shut down for lack of funds to pay their own staff, suppliers, and creditors.

Still, hospitals, clinics, group practices, doctors, and therapists are often cast as villains when they seek payment for the lifesaving and quality of life-improving services they provide. Evidence that some organizations have crossed lines into harassing and making misrepresentations to debtors do not help.

Working with an Ohio healthcare law firm that draws bright lines between which practices are permissible and what is not allows guarantees that medical care providers stay on the right sides of the law and public opinion. Seeking advice and analyses from a knowledgeable and experienced Delaware, Ohio, attorney who specializes in debt collection will also help companies and practitioners understand when forgiving or selling off a debtor makes more sense than pursuing someone who has a delinquent account.

Eric Jones of the Jones Law Group has served as special counsel for collections enforcement to Ohio’s attorney general since 2008. Few understand the delicate legal and reputational issues created by efforts to collect on medical bills. He and his legal team can operate as a primary collections agency or take over collections considered too complex or too lengthy to pursue through usual means.

We have found that sending letters from our law firm often suffices to convince people with unpaid medical bills to settle their debts. One option we offer that debtors find welcome is a manageable installment payment plan that they may have not known was available to them. We, of course, ensure that our clients approve any debt settlements or payment plans. When taking a debtor to court becomes necessary, we handle both small claims and full civil court hearings.

If you are a healthcare provider who faces difficulties collecting debts from patients and other organizations, call the Jones Law Group at (614) 545-9998 to learn if we can help. You can also request an appointment by completing this web form.


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