Healthcare Collections

Medical debts can range from small amounts to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Recovering outstanding debt in a timely manner while maintaining a positive image in the communities where you serve is an integral aspect of preserving the financial health of your healthcare organization

At Jones Law Group, we offer proper legal representation for healthcare providers, hospitals, and other medical practices pursuing the non-payment of claims. Our collections attorneys are committed to assisting medical providers in the collection of their unpaid bills. We can replace your current collection agency, or you can have us work on older patient accounts after your collection agency has exhausted all of its efforts. We represent the following types of medical providers in Columbus and throughout the State of Ohio: 

  • Hospitals
  • Doctors
  • Therapists
  • Medical clinics
  • Chiropractors
  • Specialized medical service providers

From simply sending attorney letters to taking more aggressive legal action, Jones Law Group is capable of aiding you at all stages of the collections process. In many cases, a letter from an attorney is enough to spur a patient into paying their delinquent bills with no further legal action required.

At your discretion, we can also negotiate affordable payment plans, collect and remit payments, and handle disputes through the small claims process. We understand that every outstanding account causes problems for your medical practice, which is why we’re committed to collecting on all of the medical debt owed to you. In addition to working with patients to obtain money you are owed, we negotiate with insurance companies to convince them to pay for patients’ outstanding balances.


Collections Attorneys with Extensive Healthcare Industry Experience

With extensive experience in the healthcare field, our attorneys have a thorough understanding of healthcare collections practices and related issues. Our healthcare industry expertise uniquely qualifies us to secure payment for healthcare providers. Our attorneys are well equipped to fight for your healthcare organization’s rights and protect your interests both in and out of court. We also provide consultation in best practices relating to every stage of the intake, documentation, and billing processes in order to increase collections.

At Jones Law Group, we understand that maintaining a positive reputation among patients and your community is a major priority. That’s why we always strive to communicate professionally and cordially with your patients during the collections process. Our ultimate goal is to maximize recovery while treating your patients with courtesy and respect. 


Protecting the Financial Interests of Healthcare Providers in Ohio

If you are experiencing healthcare collections issues, you’re in the right place. Our attorneys work efficiently and always keep your bottom line at the forefront of their minds. Our attorneys will work in a timely, efficient, and professional manner to recover the funds due to your organization. We strive to achieve high collection rates while creating satisfying relationships between our clients and their patients. We are only paid if a debt is successfully collected. The contingency rate varies depending on the total number and average dollar amount of the accounts, the age of the accounts, etc. Call (614) 545-9998 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation with our collections attorneys


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