How a Car Accident Attorney Can Help You

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Consulting with a Columbus, Ohio, car accident attorney following a crash that inflicts injuries and significant vehicle damage always makes sense. Five reasons why follow. If you already know you want to speak with a personal injury lawyer who has helped many victims of car and truck crashes, click here or call the Jones Law Group at (614) 545-9998 to schedule a no-cost consultation.

Your car accident attorney will help you by …

Determining Fault

Ohio law requires the police who get called to a crash scene to prepare and make publicly available an official report on the incident. Investigators are supposed to conclude which of the drivers involved caused the wreck and to fully document evidence by taking pictures, inspecting vehicles, interviewing drivers and passengers, and speaking with witnesses. Footage from traffic cameras and security cameras may also be used to reconstruct the incident. Is It Worth It to File a Car Accident Lawsuit?

Preparing the full police report on a car or truck crash can take weeks or months. Fees are usually charged to people who request complete copies. Worse, the report does not always end with a clear conclusion regarding fault. The evidence may be ambiguous, incomplete, or contradictory. In such circumstances — which occur more often than most people realize — hiring a lawyer allows an accident victim to collect additional evidence and put together a case against the other driver.

Guarding Your Privacy and Enforce Your Legal Rights

A few things always happen after a traffic accident. Police will take your statement. Your vehicle will need repairs. If you sustained injuries, you will need to seek medical treatment and either pay out of pocket or rely on your own health insurance to cover immediate expenses in the emergency room and pharmacy.

You should also contact your own car insurance provider. Doing this starts the process of having claims for property damage, doctor bills, lost wages, and other harms paid. You have a right to receive advice and representation from a car accident attorney while speaking with police and insurance company representatives.

You will be especially wise to exercise your right to legal counsel before and during any session when you provide official, recorded statements to the insurance company of the other driver. You will usually be called to speak on the record before the official police report is available. If you say something that disagrees with what investigators find, the insurance company may insist that your early version is the most correct and trustworthy if doing so allows them to deny a claim.

Protecting You From Unfair Settlement Offers

One of the most important ways a Columbus, Ohio, car accident attorney helps his clients is by calculating the actual cost of the crash. Medical bills, time off work, repairs, car rental, and the rest add up quickly. Also, accident-related expenses rarely stop accumulating once a victim leaves the hospital and gets his or her own car back on the road. Physical therapy requirements, disabilities, and mental and emotional problems brought on by a wreck can persist for a lifetime.

A minimally acceptable cash settlement for a car accident claim is often tens of thousands of dollars higher than the amount an insurance company initially offers. Insurers prey on accident victims’ real financial need and understandable desire to put the whole thing behind them. Working with a knowledgeable and caring personal injury lawyer will protect a victim from accepting less money than they need.

Working to Secure Compensation from an Under insured/Uninsured Driver

Even though Ohio requires all drivers to carry insurance, too many people ignore the law. Many more take out minimum-coverage policies that leave them unable to fairly compensate people they hurt by driving negligently or recklessly. A dedicated car accident attorney will know how to best invoke provisions of a victim’s own insurance policy that offer coverage in such a situation. A plaintiff’s lawyer will also understand when filing a civil lawsuit directly against an at-fault driver makes sense and how to collect on court judgments.

Exploring All Possibilities for Holding Responsible Parties Accountable

A single driver is not always completely to blame for causing a traffic accident. When a commercial truck driver is involved, for instance, the root cause may be staying on the road long past the hours of operation allowed by state and federal law. A defective tire the driver did not know about may have blown out and made controlling the vehicle impossible. A stoplight may have malfunctioned. The road itself might be poorly designed. When such factors contribute to leaving an innocent victim injured or dead, a company or government agency may be held responsible for paying compensation and damages.

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