Jones Law Group Settles School Discrimination Case for $285,000

Posted Date: June 25th, 2016 | Categories: Individuals, Social Security Disability

The Jones Law Group has settled a racial discrimination lawsuit against Ripley Union Lewis Huntington (RULH) School District in Ripley, Ohio for $285,000. In May 2014, the Jones Law Group in collaboration with the Calig Law Firm filed a lawsuit in in the United States District Court on behalf of three minority students at RULH. The law suit alleged that the students were frequently harassed solely based on their race and that RULH failed to take appropriate action to protect its minority students.

In the Order denying the RULH’s Motion for Summary Judgment, Magistrate Litkovitz wrote, “The number of incidents of harassment, together with the proven ineffectiveness of RULH’s disciplinary measures in changing the culture of harassment, raise a genuine issue of material fact for a jury to decide whether a greater response was required on the part of RULH to address the racial harassment.”

Litkovitz also wrote, “It does not take an educational psychologist to conclude that being referred to by one’s peers by the most noxious racial epithet in the contemporary American lexicon, being shamed and humiliated on the basis of one’s race, and having the school authorities ignore or reject one’s complaints would adversely affect a Black child’s ability to obtain the same benefit from schooling as her white counterparts.” Zeno, 702 F.3d at 667.

Eric Jones of the Jones Law Group commented, “I am so proud of these three children for their tremendous courage to stand up for their civil rights against students, teachers and school administrators while continuing to interact with them at school while this case was pending. They have inspired several other minority students in the RULH school district to break their silence and come forward with their own experiences of racial harassment at RULH schools. Public schools can be an intimidating place for any student. But, when minority students believe they don’t have the support and protection of their teachers and school administrators against racial harassment, it can be utterly terrifying. I am very hopeful that this case will cause the district to take action to protect its minority students in the future.”

RULH school district is in Brown County along the Ohio River 50 miles southeast of Cincinnati. The population was 1,750 at the 2010 census. Over 90% of its students are white according to the most recent enrollment date from the Ohio Department of Education.

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