HB 531 Would Permit State Medical Board to Impose Civil Penalties up to $20,000.00

Posted Date: May 29th, 2014 |

HB 531 was introduced by the Committee on Health and Aging that would authorize the State Medical Board of Ohio to impose a fine of not more than $20,000 when a professional regulated by the Board violates the law governing professional practice.  

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Additional provisions of HB 531 include:

– A repeal of provisions that automatically suspend a certificate to practice for failure to renew or register the certificate, including failure to fulfill mandatory continuing  education hours, and instead permits the Board to suspend the certificate.

– Authorizes the Board to require that a practitioner’s skills be assessed before
restoring or issuing certain certificates to practice.

– Authorizes the Board to require that certain applicants pass an examination or
obtain additional training before issuing a certificate to practice a limited branch of

– Provides that an adjudication hearing under the Administrative Procedure Act is not
required if the Board imposes a fine for failure to complete continuing education
hours but does not impose any other penalty.

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