Things You Should Know While Hiring a Disability Lawyer in Columbus, Ohio

Post by: Eric Jones | Posted Date: February 20th, 2018 | Categories: Social Security Disability

When you start thinking about hiring a disability attorney in Columbus, Ohio, you must know three things.

Know You Have the Right to Seek Advice and Representation From a Lawyer

Your right to speak with an attorney who knows disability law can never be denied. Nor can your right to have a lawyer who handles disability claims cases represent you in hearings before program administrators or in a courtroom.

Working closely with an experienced and caring lawyer from the time you start preparing your application for benefits will help ensure that you gather and submit sufficient medical evidence. An attorney will also make sure that the necessary paperwork gets filled out correctly and filed with the appropriate people.

Know Which Disability Program Will Be Most Likely to Provide You Benefits

Residents of Ohio can be eligible for disability benefits from many different government programs and personal insurance policies. These include


Depending on factors ranging from where you worked to how you became disabled, you could qualify for disability benefits from just one program or plan. Worse, applying for benefits that you cannot qualify to receive will make it more difficult to apply to the plan or program that would cover you.

Consulting with a Columbus disability lawyer who knows the ins and outs of workers’ comp, Social Security, state employee plans, and insurance policies will prevent false starts.

Know That You May Need to Appeal a Denial of Benefits

First-time applications for disability benefits get rejected at a high rate. Common reasons cited by case reviewers include insufficient medical evidence, nonqualifying conditions, expired statutes of limitations, and incomplete paperwork.

Applicants can appeal each type of denial, but a response that completely addresses the concerns raised must be filed quickly. Partnering with a dedicated disability attorney will help you figure out what you need to do. You may also need your attorney’s assistance with an administrative hearing. In some cases, taking a benefits program or insurance plan to court becomes necessary once all the official appeals have been exhausted.

The disability lawyers in the Columbus, Ohio, offices of the Jones Law Group welcome opportunities to help people in need of short- or long-term benefits from government programs or private insurance plans. You can request a consultation online or schedule an appointment by calling (614) 545-9998.

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