What to Expect at a Social Security Disability Interview

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Applying for Social Security disability insurance can be a long process.  Rather than make the process more difficult and drawn out, it’s best to be prepared at all stages.  The Social Security Administration allows applicants to file for Social Security Disability in multiple ways: on the phone, online, or using their local social security office.  If possible, apply in person at the local Social Security office.  The claims presented via telephone have a tendency to have errors, and the online process doesn’t allow applicants to speak directly to a person. Many Social Security disability attorneys recommend applying in person.  When you apply in person you are able to present your information to a real live human being.  Here are a few tips to prepare for the interview and put your best foot forward.

Don’t Wait

Many people assume they have a year or two to file a claim for Social Security disability insurance, however they fail to take into account the length of time it takes to complete the process.  The proceedings can be time consuming, and can last for months on end.  Rather than be caught with an ever-shrinking timeline, be sure to apply as soon as you can for your Social Security disability insurance benefits.  The sooner you start the process, the sooner you can get a resolution.  If you have questions about how your specific claim may be received, contact a Social Security disability insurance attorney for an individualized review of your case.  

Gather Your Documents

When you go into the Social Security office for a Social Security disability insurance interview, come prepared.  Bring all documents that relate to the purpose of your claim.  A quick and simple checklist would include a photo ID and a copy of your birth certificate if you have access to it.  Also, be prepared to talk about your medical condition that led to you seeking Social Security disability insurance.  When you discuss your claim with the representative, be prepared to talk about all medical conditions, medical treatment sources, medications, testing that you have had done relating to your medical condition, and your work history.  Remember to bring with you a list of all the offices and doctors who have contributed to your care.  Providing information to the interviewer regarding your medical condition and treatment sources is the best way for them to evaluate your need for Social Security disability insurance. 

If you are unable to bring your photo ID to the interview, be prepared for questions to verify your identity.  You will need to go through an identification process that will involve answering personal questions.  Remember, a photo ID must be a government issued ID and can even be a passport. 

Be Prepared to Talk About Your Medical Condition and Work History

When you provide information about your medical condition and the types of treatment you have received in the past, you help the interviewer evaluate the full extent of your injuries.  This is why providing all information back to the beginning of your injury is important.  The Social Security Administration will determine your current level of disability and the onset date, so every source of treatment matters.

Additionally, your work history is vital to completing your claim for Social Security disability insurance.  You should come prepared to discuss your work experience for the last 15 years of employment.  This may take some digging and require research to find job titles and detailed descriptions of job duties for the positions prior to becoming disabled.  All the information provided is used by the SSA to review and evaluate your work ability, such as if you are able to return to a previous type of employment or do any other work after reviewing your skill set. 

Be Prepared to Discuss Your Assets and Income

Disability claims involving SSI require a look into your income level and any assets you have.  Resources or income properties (like rental properties) are included when evaluating assets.  Remember, there are income limits for SSI, so if you have too many assets or too much income you may not be eligible for the specific type of benefits provided through SSI.  If you feel like you should qualify and you have already been denied due to your income level, contact an attorney to review your case.  An experienced Social Security disability insurance attorney can examine your situation and provide you with individualized advice and advocate for your rights. 

Providing your social security interviewer with the proper information will help them quickly and efficiently process your claim.  The process will take time, which can get frustrating, even more so if you learn your claim is denied.  If your claim for Social Security disability insurance is denied, you can appeal the decision.  Experienced Social Security disability insurance lawyers can help prepare a proper appeal and advocate for your benefits.  With a trusted team of lawyers and advocates, you are more likely to be properly prepared with the necessary paperwork.  Ever situation is different, and it is important to contact an attorney to review your specific situation so that they may provide individualized advice. 

Need a Social Security Disability Lawyer?

The attorneys at the Jones Law Group have experience working with many clients on Social Security disability insurance claims and appeals.  Many times, those who attempt to apply for benefits without an attorney find themselves unsure of what steps to take after their claim is denied.  With the experienced and hard working Social Security disability attorneys of the Jones Law Group, each client receives individualized attention.  Call 614-545-9998 for your free consultation with our excellent team, or contact us online.

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