Types of Injuries Covered in Workers Comp Cases

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Ohio Workers’ Compensation covers injuries, occupational diseases and deaths. There is no comprehensive list of injuries covered by Workers’ Compensation. Ohio Workers’ Compensation covers injuries sustained by employees while at work. If your ailment is defined as an injury under Ohio law, then Workers’ Compensation covers it. An experienced Columbus, Ohio employment attorney at Jones Law Group can help you understand whether you have sustained an injury compensable through workers’ compensation.

Below is some information to help you further understand the legal definition of injury.

Injury Defined

In Ohio, “injury” includes any injury, whether caused by external accidental means or means accidental in character.When something unforeseen, unexpected, and unusual occurs that produces the injury or from which the injury directly results, the injury is accidental in character and result. See 94 Ohio Jur. 3d Workers’ Compensation § 117.

Generally, a compensable injury must be physical or traumatic in character. An injury is traumatic when it is produced by any sudden, violent attack upon the tissues or organs of a living body producing a wound, tear, or abnormal condition. 94 Ohio Jur. 3d Workers’ Compensation § 121.

Injury From Mental Stress

Although a compensable injury must be physical or traumatic, a physical injury occasioned solely by mental or emotional stress, received in the course of employment is compensable. See 94 Ohio Jur. 3d Workers’ Compensation § 122.

Gradually Occurring Injury                                                               

An injury that develops gradually over time as the result of performing job-related duties is a compensable injury under the compensation statute defining the term “injury.” See 94 Ohio Jur. 3d Workers’ Compensation § 120.


Disability due to an infection produced by, or developing from, a traumatic injury suffered in the course of employment is compensable. See 94 Ohio Jur. 3d Workers’ Compensation § 156.

Psychiatric Conditions

Although psychiatric conditions are generally not covered, if you have a psychiatric condition as the result of a traumatic injury it may be covered. Psychiatric conditions that do result from physical injury do constitute “injury” within the meaning of the Workers’ Compensation Act.

Blister or Burn

A burn is an injury for which compensation may be allowed under the Workers’ Compensation Act.  Foot blisters caused by walking over rough ground on a specific occasion have also been compensable. See 94 Ohio Jur. 3d Workers’ Compensation § 154.

Common Injuries

Although there is no list of injuries covered by Workers’ Compensation, common injuries include back injury, burns, cuts, head trauma, asbestos exposure, eye injury, knee injury, exposure to harmful substances, work-induced heart attack, carpal tunnel syndrome or other injuries related to repetitive trauma, disfigurement, and other problems.


An injury does not need to occur on the employer’s property in order to be compensable. You could have a case if you are working from your home, are in route from one facility to another, or working at the company.

If you believe you sustained an injury at work, it is important to take immediate action. The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation requires employees to fill out this form.  A Columbus, Ohio workers’ compensation attorney can help you through this process.

At Jones Law Group we have a breadth of knowledge and experience that can help you fight for the compensation you deserve. If you have been injured at work it is important to hire a Columbus, Ohio workers compensation attorney. We have a thorough understanding of the problems our clients face and have spent years developing a practice that caters to their needs. Jones Law Group has a talented team of down-to-earth and dedicated attorneys and professionals. Call today for a free consultation and we can let you know whether you have a compensable injury under the Workers’ Compensation Act.

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