How Workers’ Compensation Impacts Social Security Disability Benefits

Post by: Eric Jones | Posted Date: December 11th, 2013 | Categories: Social Security Disability

Disability payments from private sources, such as private pension or insurance benefits, do not affect your Social Security disability (“SSD”) benefits.

However, workers’ compensation and other public disability benefits may reduce your SSD benefits. Workers’ compensation benefits are paid to a worker because of a job-related injury or illness.

Other public disability payments that may affect your SSD benefit are those paid by a federal, state or local government and are for disabling medical conditions that are not job-related. Examples are civil service disability benefits, state temporary disability benefits and state or local government retirement benefits that are based on disability.

Some public benefits do not affect your SSD benefits.  If you receive SSD benefits and one of the following types of public benefits, your SSD will not be reduced: Veterans Administration benefits; state and local government benefits if Social Security taxes were deducted from your earnings; or Supplemental Security Income (“SSI”).

To calculate if there will be any SSD reduction, first determine the total amount of benefits and if it exceeds 80 percent of your average current earnings, before you became disabled, the excess amount is deducted from your SSD benefit.

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