How to report nursing home abuse and neglect

Post by: Eric Jones | Posted Date: November 10th, 2015 |

Keeping aging parents safe and comfortable is important, and many turn to nursing homes or other communities to provide the safe environment seniors need.  Some situations are less than ideal, and can lead to the neglect or abuse of your loved ones.  When you suspect abuse, it can be challenging to confront nursing home employees without fear of reprisal, which is why hiring an elder law attorney is so important.  Reporting abuse and neglect to the right agency could help save the life of your loved one, and support from a nursing home abuse attorney is crucial. 

Elder abuse attorneys often see signs of abuse as individuals taking advantage of forgetful seniors, or staff charged with the medical care of a senior failing to fulfill their duties.  Whether in a medical facility or a retirement center, elder abuse and neglect is no joking matter.  Many of these aging seniors rely on others to help with everyday tasks, and neglect can come from inattention to ill wishes from a caregiver.  When you see signs of elder abuse or nursing home abuse or neglect, it is important to speak up. 

Elder abuse can come in many forms.  Whether the abuse is physical or emotional, it can have a lasting effect on the wellbeing of a senior in the care of a nursing home.  Verbal abuse can arise when a senior is humiliated or ridiculed.  Some emotional abuse comes in the form of inattentiveness or isolation that can occur in a nursing home setting.  Some caregivers have even been accused of menacing or terrorizing the elderly rather than provide the care required.  Signs of mental abuse overlap with mental deterioration, but an experienced elder law attorney can review your case and help advocate for you or a loved one. 

Often times, those in a senior center or nursing home can suffer from physical abuse.  Evidence of such abuse can be seen through additional bruising, or inappropriate medication dosage.  Non-accidental force is a very serious and includes hitting, pushing, inappropriate restraints, and confinement.  If you witness this type of abuse and see visible signs of physical abuse, call 911 to prevent further harm to the elder. 

When you suspect a senior is abused or neglected in Central Ohio, your first step should be to contact 911 if you think the elder is in imminent danger.  If the senior doesn’t appear to be in imminent harm, but you still suspect the abuse has been pervasive and ongoing, you can contact an elder abuse attorney to review your situation.  With an elder abuse lawyer on your side, you can gather facts and review the relevant elder abuse laws that prevent this type of harm.  Additionally, Ohio has state specific resources that your nursing home abuse lawyer can access to better advocate for the rights of your loved one.

Nursing home abuse and neglect can be difficult to spot, and experienced elder law attorneys can help protect your loved ones.  Contact The Jones Law Group today for a free consultation from our dedicated team of attorneys.  Protecting aging parents and loved ones is important.  Work with a team of dedicated professionals who understand the inner workings of nursing homes and work hard to uncover the truth of suspected abuse.  Call The Jones Law Group today at 614-545-9998 for a free consultation, or contact us online to discuss your case.  

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