How a Professional License Defense Attorney Can Help You

Post by: Eric Jones | Posted Date: October 28th, 2015 | Categories: Licensure & Disciplinary

Facing a disciplinary committee can be a trying time in the life of a lawyer, doctor, or other licensed professional.  Rather than sit before a committee or group of peers without representation, be sure to find a team of experienced attorneys to defend your licensure.  You worked hard to achieve your medical license or legal license and deserve to be heard by the disciplinary committee.  With the right professional license defense attorney to advocate for your legal rights, you can walk before the disciplinary board with confidence. 

The average American would be surprised with the amount of licensing that is required to earn a living as a doctor, lawyer, or accountant.  Even with years of schooling, the ability to work and earn a living is at risk if a client, patient, or other professional levels an accusation of misconduct.  Many professionals depend on board certification or professional licenses for their livelihood.   Some of the most common issues before licensing boards include ethical violations, criminal convictions, sexual misconduct, substance abuse, and professional negligence.

Clients or patients are within their rights to provide the disciplinary board with information, should a licensed professional act inappropriately.  However, many times professionals who depend on a professional license find themselves at the mercy of an unhappy client.  If this happens to you, contact a professional license defense attorney quickly.  The sooner you contact an attorney, the sooner the attorney can get to the bottom of the question and address the underlying claim.  In Central Ohio, the licensing board disciplinary hearing will be held to determine whether or not a violation took place.  It is important to have representation at this disciplinary hearing, and especially important to have a well-prepared advocate on your side. 

Direct challenges to your medical license or other professional license can cause a slow down in your practice and a loss of income or your ability to earn income for an extended period of time.  No matter the profession, the delay in time growing your practice can have an impact on the bottom line.  Add to it the continued questions from current clients and the uncertainty of the result of the hearing and you could soon find yourself in dangerous waters.  Rather than prepare a defense on your own, find the right advocate to prepare a proper defense for the disciplinary committee.  Professional license defense attorneys spend countless hours working to provide clients with support and an advocate. 

In addition, professional licenses may not come under direct scrutiny, or be caused by something that happened directly with a client.  Anytime you face criminal convictions or fraud charges, you can put your professional license at risk.  Rather than take that risk, call an experienced professional license defense attorney to review your case and advocate for your rights. 

Protect your right to earn a living and hire a Central Ohio professional license defense attorney to advocate for your rights.  A strong defense and a dedicated team can go a long way to protect your ability to earn a living.  Your professional license is too valuable and too important to risk.  Call the Jones Law Group at (614)-545-9998 for a free consultation and to learn more about working with professional license defense attorneys or contact us online.

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