Why Should I Hire a License Defense Attorney in Ohio?

Post by: Eric Jones | Posted Date: June 29th, 2018 | Categories: Licensure & Disciplinary

As professional license defense lawyers in Columbus, Ohio, we can think of five essential reasons you could need our services. The first is almost too obvious to name, but too many accountants, dentists, doctors, nurses, real estate agents, real estate brokers, ad other licensed professionals decide to go it alone when they get involved in the investigatory and hearing process that can cost them their license.

Licensing boards follow unique, often arcane, rules that do not always match up with those used for criminal cases and civil lawsuits. From the moment you learn that someone has filed a complaint against you to the time the board issues its final determination, you will have questions and need advice. Hiring a Columbus-based license defense attorney will give you ready access to the information and support you require.

Here are four more reasons to seek counsel and representation from an attorney who focuses on this unique area of legal practice.


You need your professional license to make a living.

If you lose your state-issued license in Ohio, you may find it impossible to continue your career anywhere in the United States. In fact, any kind of license-related discipline, from required education and increased supervision to a temporary suspension or permanent revocation, can damage your reputation, result in lost income, and make it very difficult for employers to hire you. Hiring an experienced license defense attorney will help you make your case for keeping your full credentials and avoiding any negative entries in your professional record.


Allegations that could cost you your license are often quite serious.

Most Ohio professional licensing boards allow patients, customers, colleagues, regulators, and members of the public at large to file complaints against the individuals they license. By law, each complaint must be taken seriously, and a few, like alleged sexual abuse or drug diversion, need to be referred to law enforcement. Consulting with a license defense lawyer as soon as you receive notice that your board has opened an investigation will help you understand the allegation and ensure you receive advice on how to respond without making things worse.


The investigation into allegations against you can be long, intrusive, and disruptive.

When a licensing board determines that conducting a full investigation into a complaint is warranted, it will request all kinds of paper and computer records, schedule interviews with you and your staff, and sometimes even do site inspections and inventory checks. Working with an experienced license defense lawyer will help minimize business disruptions, protect your privacy, and limit the scope of the investigation to the materials, facilities, and issues that are directly relevant to the complaint being investigated.


A license or disciplinary hearing is a kind of trial.

Licensing boards hold administrative hearings when investigations indicate that taking disciplinary action could be merited. These kinds of hearings operate a little like civil lawsuits, but the rules regarding which types of evidence can be introduced, who can testify, and the criteria hearing examiners use to reach a decision differ. Going into such a hearing with a defense attorney who knows the ropes will give your best chance of achieving the outcome you want.

If you are the subject of a professional investigation or disciplinary action that affects your license, the Jones Law Group may be able to help. Call us at (614) 545-9998 or connect with us online to schedule a consultation.

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