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Pregnancy and the birth of a child should be a cause for celebration.  Complications during the birth or birth defects can impact lives in so many ways.  While birth defects may occur at no fault of the physician, some medication taken during the pregnancy can cause birth defects and lead to increased medical bills and hospital stays.  In the US and Canada, woman taking a specific medication have reported increases in birth defects.  While not all birth defect lawsuits are the same, courts are seeing an increased number of complaints linking Zofran and birth defects.

Zofran is a medication initially prescribed to cancer patients to help manage nausea and discomfort during treatment.  As the GSK drug grew in popularity, doctors began to prescribe Zofran for the nausea associated with pregnancy.  While some drugs are prescribed for “off- label” use with little side effects, others like Zofran can cause risks never imagined during the initial drug trials. One study indicates that when Zofran was taken before the fetus has matured past 10 weeks, it increased the risk of malformations and birth defects.  While other medication taken to reduce nausea did not pose the same risk.  Studies show the increased risk of Zofran birth defects is too high to ignore.  This drug was never approved by the FDA for use by pregnant women and has been prescribed widely as a treatment for morning sickness.

Taking Zofran during pregnancy increases the risk of Zofran birth defects, which include cardiac malformations and cleft palate.  Many families don’t realize the increased costs of medical treatments related to birth defects that could compound over the years.  This is why filing a Zofran birth defect lawsuit is so crucial.  With new information coming to light, a record number of Zofran birth defects have been reported.  The makers of Zofran are facing nearly 200 birth defect lawsuits and there are more to come.  The many complaints allege that the drug giant GSK failed the duty owed to patients to warn of the dangerous side effects.  Additionally, the company advertised the drug for use by pregnant women, which was not FDA approved. Work with attorneys familiar with birth defect lawsuits.  Zofran birth defects are no small matter, work with a team of dedicated attorneys and staff to help advocate for your rights and protect your family.

Columbus Ohio Zofran Birth Defect Attorneys

If you or a loved one took Zofran or a different medication during pregnancy that you believe caused a birth defect, contact the Zofran birth defect attorneys at The Jones Law Group.  With this ever evolving climate where drug companies like GSK knew of the risks a medication presented and failed to warn consumers of the risk, let a team with experience advocate for your rights.  For a free consultation with a Columbus Zofran attorney, call The Jones Law Group at 614-545-9998 or contact us online.

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