4 Type of Personal Injury Cases in Columbus, Ohio

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The personal injury attorneys in the Columbus, Ohio, offices of the Jones Law Group typically handle four types of cases. Brief descriptions of each follow, but it is important to know that they all arise from the negligence or recklessness of another person or an organization.

Negligence is generally understood to mean failing to reasonably act in a safe way, failing to comply with laws and regulations put in place to prevent injuries, or failing to act to keep people from getting hurt. Examples of negligence include running a red light, letting a vicious dog run loose, and leaving damaged stairs unrepaired.

Under Ohio law, reckless behavior is usually defined as acting in a way that demonstrates “willful or wanton disregard of the safety of persons.” Two frequently examples of recklessness are driving more than 30 mph over the speed limit and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In both instances, the driver creates a situation in which someone is likely to suffer injuries while also rendering themselves largely unable to prevent injuries.


Types of Personal Injury Cases

The Columbus, Ohio, personal injury lawyers with the Jones Law Group help people who have suffered physical, emotional and/or financial harm including work injuries, automobile accidents, victims of fraud and people who suffer harms from dangerous or defective products. Here, though, we want to focus on the kinds of incidents that cause physical injuries or even death.

  • Traffic Crashes: Drivers who cause wrecks can be held accountable for paying the medical bills, covering the lost wages and damage to property of the individuals they hurt. Commercial truck drivers, bus drivers, and operators of heavy trucks and construction vehicles often share liability with the companies that employ them. Note, too, that traffic crashes injure more than occupants of other vehicles. Pedestrians, bike riders, and even people inside buildings face risks from negligent and reckless drivers.
  • Slips and Falls: The legal term for these types of cases is premises liability, which reflects the fact that property owners, managers, and occupants are responsible for protecting the health and safety of workers and visitors. The most-classic example of a slip and fall case involves losing one’s footing on a wet store floor, but premises liability covers everything from out-of-code balcony railings and falling tree limbs to faulty wiring and uncovered pools without fences. Very often, a business is named as the defendant—or negligent party—because the organization is responsible for the actions of its managers and employees.
  • Dog Bites and Animal Attacks: Pet owners, farmers, and animal keepers must maintain control over their animals. When an animal bites, scratches, or kicks, its owner bears responsibility for the injuries because the animal does not have the same kind of self-control as a human. Do be aware, however, that the insurance company for the owner of an animal that attacked someone will likely argue that the victim trespassed or provoked the animal. Hiring an experienced personal injury attorney will help the victim counter the other party’s attempts to blame the victim and avoid paying compensation and damage.
  • Wrongful Deaths: Any negligent or reckless act that would justify taking legal action over a personal injury claim can also provide ground for filing a civil lawsuit for a wrongful death claim. Usually, a family member acts as the plaintiff for the deceased, but any legal representative of the victim’s estate has the right to approach an insurance company or file suit on behalf of the person who died. Some of the most common wrongful death cases involve motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, and nursing home neglect.

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