Attorneys for Unum Disability Claims

Unum Group, previously Paul Revere, Provident, and Unum Provident, is the largest disability insurance company in the world. With well over 10,000 employees, it’s easy to see why. Of course, with all of that size and power comes the unfortunate truth of Unum not paying claims, and it’s a regular occurrence.

There are a number of tactics used by Unum to deny your short term and long term disability claims. Some of these include changing policies after claims have been filed without the authorization or knowledge of policy holders, misreading medical records, arguing that a claim is a pre-existing condition, and using investigators or co-workers to discredit the claimant.

Unum Appeals Process

If your Unum disability claim has been denied, seek out Jones Law Group. We are here to work closely with you to ensure you receive the long or short term disability you deserve, because, unfortunately, Unum not paying claims is no rarity.

In fact, in 2002 they received public backlash after several plaintiffs’ lawyers brought forth Unum long term disability complaints due to their denial. Just a short two years later Unum entered into a RSA (regulatory settlement agreement) with insurance regulators in over 40 U.S. states. The RSA was related to the way Unum disability claims were handled, and required them to make significant changes within the company. These changes were to be reflected internally, and claim decisions after the effective date of the RSA were to be fully reexamined to ensure they were handled properly and justly.

Unum Denying Claims

Cases of Unum not paying disability claims can be found in plenty in forums all across the internet. Improper filing and handling of claims, not listening to doctor’s orders for people to not return to work, and claiming claimants are mentally ill and not physically disabled in order to drop them due to a loophole after two years are just a few of the many ways Unum denies claims.

Don’t let this happen to you. Be proactive and enlist the help of a skilled disability lawyer at Jones Law Group. We are here to do everything that we can for your case. We understand just how important these funds are to not only support you in your time of distress, but your family as well.

We strongly encourage you to not only inform us, but others, of your Unum short and long term disability complaints. Call 614-545-9998 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can help advocate for your rights.


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