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Consumers frequently feel frustrated with the poor service offered at large financial institutions and banks. Loan decisions at large banks are often solely based on numbers and not on knowledge about local conditions or the people involved. Furthermore, large banks are typically owned and controlled by large entities from outside of the state or country. Local community banks are an alternative to large banks that are far more responsive to local needs. Community banks make lending decisions based on local knowledge and keep their profits within the local area. 

The collections attorneys at Jones Law Group provide a full range of debt collection services to community banks. Our attorneys are practical, results-oriented professionals who deliver debt recovery solutions to clients in a timely and efficient manner. We enjoy long-term relationships with community banks in Ohio and take great pride in playing an active role in the local banking community. 


Assisting Community Banks in All Aspects of Collections

Since our inception, we’ve provided sound advice and legal counsel to community-based financial institutions throughout Ohio. Our attorneys have represented clients in a wide range of debt collection matters. Our experience in representing community banks encompasses the following areas: 

  • Debt collection and enforcement
  • Lender liability advice and defense
  • Loan workouts and debt restructuring
  • Collateral recovery 

Our collections attorneys aggressively pursue the payment of debts without violating federal or state laws regarding debt collection practices. We employ any means necessary to engage delinquent parties and obtain payment. Typically, we start out by sending a demand letter. A letter from an attorney is often enough to spur a debtor into action. If the demand is unsuccessful, we advise the client regarding their options, which could include filing a lawsuit. If we obtain a judgment, we take the steps necessary to collect the judgment, including post-judgment discovery or garnishment. 


Why Hire a Collections Attorney?

Using a law firm to collect past due payments sends a powerful message to delinquent customers. Only attorneys, not collection agencies, can file a lawsuit on your behalf in order to collect claims. By leaving the dedication, time, and effort of the collections process to us, you can return your focus to what you do best. Benefits of working with the experienced collections attorneys at Jones Law Group include the following: 

  • We provide you with regular status updates by phone, mail, fax, or email regarding any claims you place with us
  • We provide personalized attention to each and every one of our clients
  • We use professional and ethical debt collection practices
  • We always comply with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and relevant Ohio state laws 

We will work with you to develop a custom-tailored program to ensure the timely and cost-effective collection of your delinquent payments. If necessary, we will pursue litigation and judgment enforcement on your behalf. If you’d like to place a claim with us for collections or discuss your situation with one of our attorneys, please give us a call at (614) 545-9998 or fill out our online contact form and schedule a free initial consultation.


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