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Cigna is an American worldwide health insurance company that offers heath, dental, supplemental insurance, and Medicare to families, businesses, and individuals. According to their fact sheet online, they make $35 billion dollars in revenues, and their assets reach $55.9 billion dollars.

With those incredibly large dollar amounts, you might never suspect the instance of Cigna not paying claims, but it’s an all too harsh reality that it happens quite often. A number of disgruntled customers from all over the United States can be found in online forums telling horror stories of not receiving payment for months – even years after their Cigna short and long term disability claims were denied.

Cigna Disability Claims

From a statistical standpoint, Cigna denies about 33% of all claims that are received. This is because they’re a multibillion dollar industry, and their bottom line often seems to be more important than the individuals utilizing Cigna disability insurance. In fact, may claimants aren’t even examined by a licensed physician before their Cigna claim status is ruled denied.

In 2007, Cigna even denied a teenage girl from California a liver transplant claiming the procedure was too experimental – though the liver was ready for transplant and she had an estimated 65% chance of living for at least six months. After a lot of public backlash, Cigna reversed its decision, but it was too late. The young girl passed away while waiting for the transplant to take place. This is a clear example of the way Cigna chooses to operate its business in a corporate, cold, and impersonal fashion.

At Jones Law Group, we value the individual, and we will fight to help you receive payment or to reach a Cigna settlement. We look past the claim number and look at the person behind that number. We know that Cigna relies on ERISA regulations to deny your claim, and we will do everything we can during the Cigna appeals process to reach a desirable outcome for you – the victim.

How to Fight Disability Denial with a Jones Law Group Attorney

If your Cigna disability claims have been wrongfully denied, contact us today. You have every right to take action and kick start the Cigna appeals process. We are here to do all we can to help mitigate the damage that has been done. We strongly encourage you to not only inform us, but others, of your Cigna short and long term disability complaints. Call 614-545-9998 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can help advocate for your rights.


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