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Top Reasons Why You Would Need a Real Estate Attorney in Columbus, Ohio

Buyers and sellers involved in all kinds of property transactions can benefit from working closely with an experienced Columbus, Ohio, real estate attorney. Concluding leases, mortgages, and land transfers require preparing, reviewing, executing, and enforcing numerous contracts and other types of paperwork. Relying on the advice and representation of a knowledgeable real estate lawyer will help ensure all the parties involved meet their legal obligations and stick to important deadlines.

While leasing office space differs significantly from selling a home and acquiring land, you will have three main reasons to hire a Columbus real estate attorney in central Ohio.

Reason 1: Contracts Are Complicated, and Simple Mistakes Can Sink You

Misidentifying a property, a feature, or a requirement by which the other parties must abide because you did something avoidable like making a typo or leaving a sentence out of the 15th draft can create a situation in which the deal becomes unworkable. Or, the contract could still pass muster but put you on the hook for costs, maintenance, and other obligations you never intended to bear. Your Columbus, Ohio real estate attorney and his or her staff members will work hard to ensure each “i” gets dotted.

Reason 2: Preparing and Filing Essential Documents Requires Expertise and Resources

Even a relativity straightforward real estate transaction can involve creating and filing the following documents and agreements:

  • Legal descriptions of the property and its features,
  • Loan pay-off records,
  • State and local deed records,
  • Land surveys,
  • Title searches,
  • Titling,
  • Title insurance,
  • Mortgage, and
  • Mortgage insurance.

The main documents often require their own forms of multilayered documentation. Your real estate lawyer in Columbus will ensure that each piece of paper and every signature is properly handled and registered.

Reason 3: Failing to Meet Legal Obligations Often Leads to Lawsuits

Each lease, mortgage, and deed is subject to numerous local, state, and federal laws related to preventing fraud, protecting against discrimination, and ensuring the soundness of financial transactions. If any of the parties involved in a real estate deal with you do not fully comply with legal requirements for making disclosures, ensuring equal access and fair treatment regardless of personal characteristics, and pay what they promise, courts and law enforcement officials step in. Your real estate attorney will push for full legal compliance in order to protect your rights and interests.

Last, never forget that the other parties involved in the transaction will have their own real estate lawyers. Do not put yourself at a skills and knowledge disadvantage during negotiations and other proceedings.

The Columbus, Ohio, real estate lawyers with the Jones Law Group welcome questions and requests for consultations. Call us at (614) 545-9998 or request an appointment by filling out this online contact form.

Columbus Real Estate Attorney
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