Social Security Changes Rule Reducing Past Relevant Work (PRW) Time Period

Posted Date: June 5th, 2024 |

June 22, 2024, is the new effective date for when SSA will consider only 5 years of PRW (instead of 15 years) when making disability determinations.  The Jones Law Group, LLC applauds the SSA for making this important change to the PRW time period as it should result in more cases getting approved in a shorter period of time.

How this rule impacts our Social Security Disability clients:

More meaningful work history reports: Social Security must rely on claimants to provide information about their past work, including duties, time spent on tasks and more. With less of a time period to cover, information is more likely to be detailed and accurate, requiring less follow-up from Social Security staff.

Better accounting for diminishing relevance of work skills: Recent evidence suggests that work skills and job requirements become outdated more quickly than previously thought. This shorter time period takes this into consideration.

Reduce processing time and improve customer service: With more accurate and detailed information provided at the time of the initial application, decisions can be made more quickly, improving customer service experiences that have been dwindling as of late.

Ease the burden on the claimant: Under current rules, claimants must provide evidence of all their work experience fifteen years from their date of disability. In some instances, information may not be readily available, or there may be a lot of information to gather. Shifting the requirement to five years significantly reduces the burden of collecting required information.

If you have questions about the Prior Relevant Work rule and how it may affect your SSD case, please call Jones Law Group, LLC at (614) 545-9998 and we will be happy to discuss.

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