Ohio Board of Nursing Advisory Group Appointments for 2015

Posted Date: October 3rd, 2014 | Categories: Credentialing, Health Care & Businesses, Licensure & Disciplinary

The Ohio Board of Nursing (Board) will appoint members to the 2015 Advisory Groups during the November 2014 Board meeting.  If you are interested, please complete the application on the web site ( and return it to the Board office by 5:00 p.m. Friday, October 31, 2014.

 The open positions for the 2015 Advisory Groups are as follows: 

•Continuing Education

  • Member Actively Involved with a National Accreditation System (1)
  • Provider of Continuing Education (4)


  • Dialysis Administrator (1)
  • Dialysis Technician (2)
  • Registered Nurse in Dialysis Practice (1)
  • Renal/dialysis Patient (1)

•Nursing Education 

  • Administrator or Employer of Nurses (1)
  • Educator in Associate Degree Program (1)
  • Educator in Baccalaureate Degree Program (1)
  • Educator in Baccalaureate Education-Accelerated Program (1)
  • Educator in Diploma Program (1)
  • Educator in Practical Nurse Program (1)
  • Licensed Practical Nurse (1)

General Information

Advisory Groups are similar to “standing committees.” They meet once or twice a year or more frequently as requested by the Board, to provide advice regarding the regulation of on-going Board programs. Advisory Groups are composed of public members, a Board member who serves as the chairperson, and Board staff.  

Members of Advisory Groups are not compensated for their time, but they receive actual and necessary expenses incurred in the performance of their official duties (Section 4723.02, ORC).

Advisory Groups 


As set forth in Section 4723.71 of the Ohio Revised Code, the Dialysis Advisory Group advises the Board regarding the qualifications, standards for training, and competence of dialysis technicians and other matters related to dialysis technicians. Members: four dialysis technicians; a registered nurse who regularly performs dialysis and cares for patients who receive dialysis; a physician, recommended by the state medical board, who specializes in nephrology; an administrator of a dialysis center; a dialysis patient; a representative of the association for hospitals and health systems (OHA); a representative from the end-stage renal disease network.

Nursing Education 

The purpose of the Nursing Education Advisory Group is to discuss issues related to nursing education programs; provide comment and review on proposed revisions for statute and rules relating to nursing education. Members include representatives of nursing education, a consumer, and employers of nursing.

Continuing Education 

The purpose of this Advisory Group is to provide structure and systems to effectively monitor processes of the Ohio Board of Nursing (OBN) Approvers; provide comment and review on proposed revisions for the Nurse Practice Act and the administrative rules relating to continuing education; review findings of Board staff related to initial and re-approval applications of OBN approvers; and address significant issues related to continuing education. Members are OBN Continuing Education Approvers, four continuing education providers, and one member actively involved with a national accreditation system for nursing continuing education.

Committee on Prescriptive Governance

 There are no openings for the Committee on Prescriptive Governance (CPG). Members of the CPG are appointed at various times of the year as terms end. The application process is similar as described above and information is posted on the Board’s web site as positions become open.

Members, appointment of members, terms, and charge/purpose are set forth in Sections 4723.49, 4723.491, and 4723.492 of the Ohio Revised Code (ORC). Members include a clinical nurse specialist; a certified nurse-midwife; a certified nurse practitioner; a member of the Board of Nursing who is, at a minimum, a registered nurse; four physicians who meet the qualifications for appointment as specified in the ORC; a pharmacist member of the State Board of Pharmacy; and a pharmacist actively engaged in practice in Ohio as a clinical pharmacist. The Committee develops recommendations regarding the authority to prescribe drugs and therapeutic devices pursuant to a certificate to prescribe.

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