Utility Collections and Damage Claims

Many utility providers struggle to find ways to make seriously delinquent customers pay their gas, electricity, or water bills. In tough economic times, even your best customers could become delinquent. Jones Law Group in Columbus, Ohio offers utility collections solutions that impart a sense of urgency on seriously delinquent customers to ensure the greatest returns. All of our utility collections activities are undertaken in full compliance with relevant legislation. 

Jones Law Group in Columbus, Ohio helps utility companies manage collections and related legal matters. We handle consumer and commercial recovery claims and assist you through all steps of the collections process. Our attorneys have years of experience assisting utility companies in maximizing their revenue recoveries. We are equipped to meet the needs of utility companies both large and small.

Our goal is to quickly bring the delinquent account to resolution so we can focus on the next account. Because debtors are potential return customers, we always represent your utility company in an ethical, courteous, and professional matter. Whether you have a small portfolio or larger volumes of bad debts that require recovery, we can help.


Maximizing Recoveries and Minimizing Losses

Whether you’re having issues with bad checks, theft of service, or unpaid service accounts, our dedicated team will help you pursue recovery aggressively yet professionally. We represent utility companies in the following collections-related matters: 

  • Demand letters
  • Receivership claims
  • Negotiation and civil litigation

We will review your case carefully and then work closely with you to recover as much of your claim as possible. Our goal is to pursue utilities claims persistently but fairly. We will ensure that our utility clients fully comply with state and local statutory requirements. If we file a lawsuit on your behalf, we do so in a professional and ethical manner to preserve your reputation. 

Jones Law Group has long been recognized for its extensive experience and knowledge in utility collections and damage claims. We are immersed in the utility industry and stay abreast of current issues that may affect your company and its profitability. Because of our firm’s extensive industry knowledge and experience, we are an ideal choice for utility collections and damage claims cases.


Helping Utility Companies Pursue Damage Claims

Accidents happen. Even the most experienced contractors can unintentionally damage a utility. At Jones Law Group, our attorneys can help you pursue utility damage claims and recover repair costs. We’ll work with you to resolve damage claims in a timely fashion and reach a fair and equitable resolution.

We are constantly in pursuit of the most effective course of action for every claim that we review. This results in less time per claim and greater savings for our clients. If you have any questions about Ohio utility collections or damage claims, get in touch with the Ohio utility collections attorneys at Jones Law Group. Call (614) 545-9998 or contact us online  to set up a free initial consultation and speak with one of our attorneys. 


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