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Buying, selling, or merging a business is a major decision with significant consequences. In a sale, one company purchases the assets or stock of another company. In a merger, two or more companies combine into a single survivor business. Shares of stock from the survivor business are then issued to shareholders in exchange for shares of the merged company. 

Business sales and mergers are often complicated and grueling. Working with an experienced business sales and mergers attorney can reduce your financial risk in complex, high-value business transactions. An attorney can advise you regarding unique and intricate issues that may arise while helping you avoid costly mistakes and delays that could devastate your financial future. 

Assisting With Business Sales and Mergers in a Breadth of Industries

The contract attorneys at Jones Law Group in Columbus, Ohio regularly handle business sale and merger agreements of all sizes in Columbus and throughout Ohio. Our attorneys provide insightful legal counsel and ensure that your interests are protected. We advise businesses about their rights, obligations, and potential liabilities under each type of agreement. We can help clients close deals in many industries, including the following: 

  • Energy
  • Financial services
  • Publishing
  • Retail
  • Automotive
  • Healthcare
  • Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Media and entertainment 

The lawyers at Jones Law Group provide assistance from start to finish with a deal’s structuring, negotiation, documentation, and closing. Our team draws upon a wide range of expertise and can thus provide integrated advice. We consider ourselves not only lawyers, but also business advisors. Our attorneys negotiate, draft, and review documents related to your business transaction and help you cost-effectively close deals. 

Team Approach 

Structuring an optimal merger or acquisition requires experience in many different disciplines, including securities, taxes, and corporate law. At Jones Law Group, we take a team approach to handling business sale and merger agreements in order to provide a full range of services and specialized knowledge to clients. We’re dedicated to assigning the best person to each task and ensuring that you receive support from business sale and merger lawyers with the special experience needed to resolve your legal challenges. You can rest assured that your legal team will be appropriately staffed for the transaction. 

No matter how the economy is doing, sales and mergers are essential to a company’s competitiveness and growth. Business sales and mergers allow companies to adapt to economic conditions, competitive pressures, technological advancements, and other market forces. However, legal disputes may arise if issues in business sale and merger agreements are left unaddressed. Unique risks that a transaction could present include tax consequences, contractual obligations, and environmental liabilities. The contract lawyers at Jones Law Group carefully craft business sale and merger agreements to ensure that they comply with regulatory and statutory requirements. 

Contact A Business Attorney in Columbus, Ohio Today 

Jones Law Group can assist you at every step of the merger or acquisition process. We understand your concerns and take a practical, results-oriented approach in order to meet your business legal needs. Please give our experienced attorneys a call at (614) 545-9998 or contact us online  to schedule a free initial consultation.


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