What Happens if Someone Gets Hurt on Your Property?

Posted Date: March 15, 2018 | Categories: Columbus Personal Injury Lawyer

An injury on your property can create what lawyers and insurance policies call premises liability. Whether you will owe the injured person compensation and damages will depend on many factors, so consulting with a knowledgeable Ohio premises liability attorney can help you understand the situation and your legal options. We answer six basic questions about […]


Don’t Know Who to Choose? How to Differentiate Lawyers in Ohio

Posted Date: October 13, 2017 | Categories: Columbus Personal Injury Lawyer

Typing “top lawyers in Ohio” or “best attorneys in Ohio” into a search engine like Google or Bing will take you to a range of rankings and ratings compiled by several different organizations. Honestly, this is not the worst way to start looking for a legal representative you can trust and work with. It is, […]


When to Enlist the Help of a Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney

Posted Date: June 20, 2017 | Categories: Columbus Personal Injury Lawyer

The shortest, simplest answer to the question of when to enlist the help of a motor vehicle accident attorney is when injuries or a death are caused by another driver. Responding that way does a serious disservice to victims of car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, and pedestrian crashes, however.   An experienced Columbus, Ohio, car accident […]


Is Emotional Distress Considered a Personal Injury?

Posted Date: April 5, 2017 | Categories: Columbus Personal Injury Lawyer

Many plaintiffs in personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits seek compensatory damages for emotional distress. Sometimes, as with harassment cases, intentional infliction of emotional distress is a plaintiff’s primary claim. But as a matter of law, emotional suffering is not an injury. Technically, it is a tort, which means harm. And when a person suffers […]


Why to Hire a Legal Mediation Attorney

Posted Date: July 6, 2016 | Categories: Columbus Personal Injury Lawyer

Legal mediation is also called alternative dispute resolution because it represents an attempt by both parties to a legal dispute to reach a mutually agreeable solution without going through a court trial. Nearly any case involving a contract or a personal injury can be settled through mediation, and the approach is becoming more widely used […]


How to Handle an Injury at Work

Posted Date: February 26, 2016 | Categories: Columbus Personal Injury Lawyer

While some jobs are undoubtedly riskier than others, the possibility of becoming injured at work always exists. You can trip on stairs in an office building almost as easily as at a factory. Proving this, in 2013, nearly 123,000 Ohioans suffered what the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics classify as occupational illnesses and injuries. Of […]


Tips on How to File a Personal Injury Claim

Posted Date: February 18, 2016 | Categories: Columbus Personal Injury Lawyer

First and foremost, do not wait to speak with a personal injury attorney in Columbus, Ohio, if you think you have claim. A consultation should cost you nothing, but the advice and guidance you receive will prove invaluable. Insurance companies do not welcome opportunities to reimburse medical expense and pay damages. They will contest even […]


Filing a Birth Defect law suit

Posted Date: February 3, 2016 | Categories: Columbus Personal Injury Lawyer

Pregnancy and the birth of a child should be a cause for celebration.  Complications during the birth or birth defects can impact lives in so many ways.  While birth defects may occur at no fault of the physician, some medication taken during the pregnancy can cause birth defects and lead to increased medical bills and […]


Remedying your personal injury case

Posted Date: December 28, 2015 | Categories: Columbus Personal Injury Lawyer

When filing a personal injury lawsuit, it is important to understand exactly what a lawsuit will bring and what type of result to expect.  When you file a personal injury suit against someone and win, the court generally awards monetary compensation for the claim.  This is also known as damages, or remedies.  In the case […]


The Most Common Types of Personal Injury

Posted Date: August 31, 2015 | Categories: Columbus Personal Injury Lawyer

We have all seen personal injury cases played out in courtroom dramas and referenced in literature, but do you really know what gives rise to a personal injury claim? Personal injury occurs when you are injured by someone else’s negligence, or someone had a responsibility to provide a safe product and they did not meet […]

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