Can Employment Discrimination Lead to Unpaid Wages?

Posted Date: December 19, 2017 | Categories: Employment & COBRA Claims

Employment discrimination lies at the heart of many cases involving minimum wage and overtime violations, unequal pay for men and women doing the same jobs, and the denial of pay raises and promotions. Business owners and corporate executives may believe that some employees do not deserve fair or equal pay simply because they are female, […]


Can My Employer Change My Employment Contract?

Posted Date: April 26, 2017 | Categories: Employment & COBRA Claims

If you have an employment contract, your company or agency almost definitely has a legal obligation to inform you of any changes it makes to the agreement. That may end the employer’s obligation, but a strong employment contract will require the employee to agree to any substantive changes. This is one of the main reasons […]


Tips to Resolve Your Employment Issue

Posted Date: July 8, 2015 | Categories: Employment & COBRA Claims

Resolving conflict at work can be a challenge.  Both employees and employers try to walk a fine line when discussing employment issues because of the inherent difficulties of addressing work place disputes.  Disputes can arise when employees feel they have been wrongly terminated, employees face Discrimination Attorneys Ohio, or experienced challenges collecting earned overtime pay.  […]


HR Ignored My Sexual Harassment Complaint. What Do I Do Next?

Posted Date: June 8, 2015 | Categories: Columbus Workers Compensation Attorney, Employment & COBRA Claims

Sexual harassment is a very serious issue in the workplace. While many Ohio workers assume that sexual harassment is cut and dry, the truth of the matter is that sexual harassment entails more than blatant sexual advances. To begin, it is important that workers understand what is considered sexual harassment according to Ohio state and […]

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