Actos Bladder Cancer

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According to the Mayo Clinic’s website, bladder cancer occurs when bladder cells abnormally divide and grow, forming a malignant tumor in the body’s bladder.


Bladder Cancer Symptoms and Causes

This normally causes pain and complications in urinating and sometimes pain in the lower back, depending on the type of bladder cancer.

The most common form of bladder cancer in the United States is urothelial carcinoma, when the cells in the lining of the bladder that allow the bladder to expand and contract grow abnormally and create tumors in that lining.

Some of the symptoms of bladder cancer include but are not limited to:

  • Pain during urination
  • Frequent urination
  • Blood or discolored urine
  • Feeling intense need to urinate but not being able to

The causes of bladder cancer vary by lifestyle, habits, and exposure to chemicals or radiation, but it was discovered in 2011 that those with type 2 diabetes on the medication Actos for extended periods of time were approximately 40 percent more likely to develop bladder cancer.


Why You Need Columbus Bladder Cancer Lawyers

When you undergo treatment for bladder cancer, it can be extremely costly. Depending on the severity and stage of the cancer, your family can be burdened by high medical costs and loss of income. Extended hospital stays, and time off work could leave you and your family struggling to provide for themselves.

Due to the danger of Actos and Takeda’s manufacturers’ and distributors’ negligence in informing the public of the medication’s defectiveness, many patients have filed lawsuits against the pharmaceutical company.

Navigating a bladder cancer from Actos lawsuit is a difficult task. One must gather medical records, organize files to determine the cancer’s cause. All this takes time — time that you and your family may not be able to devote on a lengthy case. A team of Columbus bladder cancer lawyers will be able to use their expertise and legal knowledge to navigate the depositions and court proceedings in your best interests.


Contact Jones Law Group’s Columbus Bladder Cancer Lawyers

If you have been diagnosed with bladder cancer from Actos medication, then contact the Actos bladder cancer attorneys at Jones Law Group for a consultation regarding a lawsuit. Jones Law Group has been helping patients and their families in Columbus, Ohio move forward with legal action since 2007. Founder Eric Jones was been at the helm of healthcare industry as a healthcare attorney for 10 years and has the experience needed for an Actos lawsuit in Columbus, Ohio. Don’t hesitate to contact Jones Law Group regarding your bladder cancer from Actos lawsuit today.

Actos Bladder Cancer
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